Nationally Acclaimed Speakers at Conferences

National conferences held annually are known for the high quality of speakers. Many will feature someone of national acclaim for the keynote address. This boosts the importance and credibility of the conference topic and attracts attendees from all over the country. The speaker typically has expertise and is published in industry journals. The buzz and excitement generated by the speaker alone can sell out a conference.


When the organizers of a conference schedule nationally acclaimed professionals to present sessions as well, the topic will be thoroughly covered from all aspects. This is the hallmark of a completely education-focused event. Professionals and executives attending will not have to work their way through dozens of vendors before getting passed the venue lobby. An opportunity of this nature should not be missed.


When reviewing the details provided for speakers, pay attention to the range of credentials and experiences represented. A list of CEOs with similar educational backgrounds and positions will have expertise, but all from the same perspective. The information will be one dimensional instead of having the depth created by diverse points of view.

What that Means

A prime example of many different perspectives is the set of speakers and presenters scheduled for the Healthcare Analytics Summit in September. The agenda will explore the roll of data in the future of healthcare. Breakthroughs, new approaches, and innovations will be examined to illustrate the impact of data collection and digitizing information. There are thirty sessions and twenty-four analytics hands-on stations planned.

Speakers include Robert Wachter, MD who is a physician and professor specializing in analyzing healthcare systems. Toby Cosgrove, MD is a former CEO and president of Cleveland Clinic is presenting as well. John Rogers is a professor of materials science engineering and biomedical engineering at Northwestern University.

The co-founder of Netflix, Marc Randolf is also scheduled to contribute expertise on how digital processes improve service delivery. Go to for the complete roster and the wealth of experiences available via the speakers scheduled. There are few conferences that have the resources, the reputation, and the capacity to draw several famous speakers to one event.